Sunday, August 31, 2008

How Predictable, How Sadly Predictable

Leave it to a self-described "progressive Democrat" to attack John McCain's Veep pick Sarah Palin based on - substance? nope ... age. That's right, the individual I refer to is attacking McCain's choice by mocking the age difference. Now, let me be fair: The individual to whom I refer is NOT typical of the progressives I know, some of whom I call friends. Rather, he is a sick individual who is himself loathed by most of the true progressive Democrats in Chicago. He is Thomas J. Westgard, a man who openly hates transsexuals and gay people, mocks women, and now gleefully mocks senior citizens and women. Westgard, who has a wide reputation as a misogynist in Rogers Park, even has the nerve to show a scandalous video about McCain's extramarital affair. Now, I'm not excusing the marital affair, but for Westgard to mock anybody's is hypocrisy to the max. Westgard himself screwed up his own marriage - while his coffee shop was going down the toilet, his wife grabbed their kid and fled to Indiana to hide out with her mother and retains custody today. See for yourselves (links below, all posts cached). Westgard will notice a spike - again - in his pitiful numbers. Before he brags about it - as he did the last time I directed a bunch of hits his way - he should consider who the spike is coming from (again): People being directed to his sick blog to see what a tragic lunatic he is. Note: He makes no money on any hits to his blog, so click away. Westgard is a close ally of Alderman Joe Moore (49th Ward) and of Moore's lacky Jim Ginderske. All three of them avidly support Barack Obama for president. GOP Exactly 24 Years Behind Dems John McCain Sure Likes 'Em Pretty Mail-Order Running Mate The Next Hot Thing John and Sarah