Ald. Joe Moore's Dead-Beat Sugar Daddy Arrested (Updated)

Cedomir "Chad" Zuric Mug Shot
Cedomir Zuric's mugshot
UPDATE: This six-year old story recently took a sudden dramatic turn in March, 2014.  Fugitive Cedomir Zuric, 52, was arrested for over $500,000 in past due child support payments. He was wanted since 2008. While Zuric was busy shirking his child support debts, he was doling out huge money to Chicago's 49th Ward Alderman Joe Moore. In return, Moore supported a controversial zoning change that Zuric wanted very much.

"A tip led Cook County deputies to a North Side man who owes more than half-a-million dollars in overdue child support," reported Lincoln Square Patch on March 26. "The sheriff's department warrant unit arrested Cedomir Zuric, 52, on Friday after learning he was staying at a residence in the 4300 block of North Clarendon Avenue. Zuric owes $555,876 in past due child support payments for three children. A warrant was issued for his arrest in 2008. Zuric's last known address was in the 5700 block of North Lincoln Avenue. Zuric posted a $23,462.24 cash bond and was released from jail." Zuric was due in court on April 3.
Alderman Joe Moore, 49th Ward Chicago
Joe Moore, Alderhog

Earlier Post, July 30, 2008 - 49th Ward Alderman Joe Moore took big money from dead-beat dad Cedomir Zuric. We therefore DEMAND Moore Return Campaign Contributions from Dead-Beat Dad

We the citizens of Rogers Park DEMAND that Alderman Joe Moore IMMEDIATELY turn over ALL CAMPAIGN CONTRIBUTIONS from dead-beat dad Cedomir Zuric (a.k.a. Chad Zuric) to the Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services toward partial retirement of Zuric's $400,000 child support arrears. (Search for "Zuric Cedomir" at Cook County Recorder of Deeds website.)

Moore abused his office by accepting $14,500 from a dead-beat dad posing as a real estate developer in exchange for Moore's support for a lucrative zoning change and the demolition of the former Adelphi Theater, all the while knowing full well the beneficiary owed $400,000 in child support payments.

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