Artists of the Wall Screwed AGAIN

They're screwing you again.

In 2007, the Loyola Park Advisory Council (LPAC) and the Loyola Park Advisory Council and Rogers Park Community Council (RPCC). charged people $30 or more to participate in the Artists of the Wall Festival. The people were screwed by not getting a clean slate, so to speak, on which to paint. In years past, the wall was sandblasted clean and painted white. But not last year, not the year before or before that. Years of thick layers of paint have built up, and last year they did not sandblast.

Instead of sandblasting, this year they used a weak mixture of baking soda and compressed air, which only partially removed some of the old paint. But as you can see in the photos (click for larger images) and in the video below, the newly "prepped" wall is peeling only hours after it's been painted white. The new white paint job is not even complete, but it is already spoiling.

The Bench showed you what a lousy job the Loyola Park Advisory Council (LPAC) and the Rogers Park Community Council (RPCC) did last year. We're showing you their shitty work this year, too. One of their members assured me more than a month ago that they would clean the wall properly this year. They have not done so, and all indications are that they will screw the people once again.

Shame on the LPAC and RPCC.

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