Ted Kennedy Now Old Dead White Man

Rich old white man U.S. Senator Ted Kennedy (D-MA) died on Tuesday, August 25, 2009. He was 77. Ted Kennedy was a drunkard and a raging misogynist and comes from a long line of other misogynists. Kennedy died of complications related to brain cancer. To the end, he never sought a public option for his own health care. Instead, he sought out the best in private medical care and was not consulted by a government end-of-life panel. The health care reform that he championed, however, would impose the public "option" on most - if not, ultimately, all - Americans. Sen. Kennedy was a hypocrite in other ways as well. Although he claimed to be for clean energy, Kennedy and his rich white neighbors fought against the nation's first off-shore windmill project because it would spoil the view from his estate. Greenpeace launched a campaign against Kennedy over the windmill project (see their video). Ted Kennedy killed a woman on July 18, 1969 when he drove off a bridge after leaving a party. Kennedy swam away, leaving 28-year-old Mary Jo Kopechne to drown inside the car. She was a campaign worker with brother Robert Kennedy's presidential campaign. Kennedy did not call authorities until ten hours after the incident. (More...) Kennedy's father, Joseph Kennedy, Sr., made a fortune smuggling contraban into the United States and, later, expressed his admiration of Adolf Hitler. Joseph Kennedy hated Jews. Related: [Did] Ted Kennedy deserve his extended cancer care? Hypocrite Ted Kennedy want[ed] his successor appointed by the Governor, not elected Ted Kennedy Want[ed] Massachusetts to change law again Ted Kennedy's Last Will and Testament Ted Kennedy: Forty Years after Chappaquiddick Joe Kennedy Pimps for Hugo Chavez Ted Kennedy Jokes Ted Kennedy's Yacht Oil Spill Exposed (video)