May 20, 2008

New Gang Celebrates Our Diversity

A new gang is forming in Rogers Park. The local punks call their gang "Loc." This gang, unlike so many others, is ethnically diverse. 

Look, if we're gonna have another gang in da hood, thank God it will be Diverse! 

The Bench was told about it
by two friendly police officers at last night's CAPS 2431 beat meeting. (Funny that CAPS leader Kevin McFeelgood O'Kneel didn't mention that.) 

The word "loc" is a crips gang term meaning crazy, wild, or insane and is probably short for "loco." 

49th Ward Alderman Joe Moore can rejoice in the knowledge that this gang is ethnically diverse. The officers said the gang is made up of Hispanic, Black and White scum. 

Now, if only they would announce that they'll operate in an environmentally friendly way, we can all go home and get a good night's sleep. 



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