Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Hillary Voters Are Obviously Racist Morons

Hillary won in Kentucky and Tennessee, you see, because so many uneducated, poor, racist white folks just couldn't bring themselves to vote for a man of color. Or so we're told. But when will the Old Media start telling us that 80 to 90 percent of black voters are voting for Barack Obama because they just had to voter for a man of color. Here in Cook County, Illinois, we've seen the results of that kind of voting. It got us the Idiot Todd Stroger as President of the Cook County Board. Many black voters voted for Stroger simply because he is black. Of course, if you're part of the biased Old Media you are probably pulling for Barack and knee-jerk voting for someone simply because of race is okay as long as you're black. Since Hillary Clinton won big in Tennessee and Kentucky, the Old Media have made a big deal of the race factor. Some writers "point out" that Hillary is unpopular with black voters - because, after all, Bill Clinton did quite well with black voters, better than Hillary is doing currently. What those writers don't point out is that Bill Clinton was never ran against a black opponent. Had a viable black candidate opposed Bill Clinton, you can bet that 80 to 90 percent of black voters would have chosen the black candidate. But the Old Media and the writers within it cannot resist an opportunity to diss the white voters - and Hillary, who is running against their darling Barack. Salon has a great article that gets into this. Dee Davis writes, "They suggest it has to do with her voters being racist, toothless, shoeless, and prone to marrying their cousins. In short, they characterize these "special" Democrats in much the same terms they used in quieter times to describe Republicans." [Source] Yep, so welcome to the club, Hillary Backers. You're all stupid, to dumb to be able to pick your unenlightened selves up and vote for the black guy. Shame on you. Of course, it is absolutely impossible that you voted for Hillary because you prefer her policies over Barack's. No, no. You are obviously stupid and racist.