Tuesday, April 22, 2008


WARNING: This posting contains rough language. Urbs in Bloodshed 4/22/2008 - 37 people shot in Chicago over the past weekend. But the killing continued after the weekend, into Monday, with at least four more dead and seven injured at last report.

Maybe now Mayor Daley and the Chicago Shitty Council will shut the hell up. We're long sick of hearing them chant "crime is down." Sure, it's down alright, and I'm the King of Prussia.

Mayor Daley, the dumbest asshole to ever be the mayor of a big city, has personal bodyguards who are armed to the teeth. With guns, folks, guns. Are YOU allowed to carry a gun for personal protection? No sirree, Asshole Daley and the Shitheads on the City Council say that you aren't qualified to own a gun in Chicago, let alone carry one. Heavens, if people carried guns, why, something bad might happen!

We wouldn't want the good guy to shoot the bad guy first, would we


Mayor Dickhead Daley can walk around with armed guards while you, me and other non-crazy, law-abiding citizens are not allowed to have the same level of protection. Who the hell does Mayor Daley think he is? Who the hell do the mentally deficient crooks on our City Council think they are? THEY can have guns because they're so special! Yes, they're better and smarter than you. It is elitist, mindless anti-gun liberal fascism at its zenith.

Those of us who have police scanners know that there were more than 37 shootings last weekend. The Sun-Times reports that "The unofficial weekend tally of 36 shootings over Friday, Saturday and Sunday was 14 more than the city experienced last year at the same time, police said. Seven people were killed."

Got that? "Unofficial." You're damned right it's unofficial. There are are so many calls to officers to respond to, in every police district of the city, that it would be nearly impossible for one person to accurately record it all in writing. Domestic arguments, spousal abuse, robberies - lots of robberies lately, fights in the middle of streets. That's just the appetizer tray.

The scanner lets you hear real time, live conversations between police and their dispatchers. I'll tell you honestly, folks, that the stuff you read in newspaper police blotters or on the ten o'clock news is the tip of a large iceberg.

The other night I heard a call for a district on the South Side: Man in trench coat standing on street corner, holding a rifle. After listening to my scanner for a while now, I barely raised an eyebrow at that one. But there it was, a lunatic with a gun. Fat lot of good Mayor Daley's anti-gun laws did there, eh? And all the vitriolic anti-gun ranting by the Repulsive Jesse Jackson and that crazy white reverend asshole something-or-other will not stop the inflow of guns by criminals for criminals.

That leaves you and me defenseless. Sure, the police do what they can. But they can only respond to an incident that is already happening, usually after tragedy and mayhem have struck. Did the Sun-Times report the lunatic on the street corner? Or the hundreds of other similarly frightening incidents like it, that occurred over the past weekend? No, and neither do the police or City Hall. They don't want us to think that crime might be going up, oh no. God forbid any of us should realize that monsters lurk just outside our front door, and that waiting 5 to 20 minutes for police to save you from the drugged up, knife wielding freak in your hallway is hardly worthy of the term "protection."

Every flak in City Hall and the Chicago Police Department is avoiding phone calls if possible this week, and passing questions along to robots drones. The drones wouldn't give a straight answer to a reporter even if she knew how. Typical response: "Send us your questions and let us know your deadline. We'll get back to ya." Yah, and maybe, after they take hours or days to figure out the spin they want to spit back at you, maybe you'll actually get a response. But it will not be a straight answer.

Mayor Daley and CPD Superintendent Weis risk pissing off a lot of bleeding heart idiots with their planned SWAT response to last weekend's bloodshed. The fools who believe that "violence is never the solution" must be all wobbly kneed at the thought of Democrat Daley being willing to send armed SWAT officers into our peaceful streets. Why, those nasty SWAT cops are likely to hurt somebody. By my thinking, that sounds like a good idea. Unfortunately, it will have as much real effect as the laughable Commanders-on-the-Streets stunt three weeks ago.

Tell you what, Wobbly Knees. When you're getting the pulp beat out of you in some alley or in your own bedroom, don't reach for the phone to call 911. I mean, you wouldn't want those cops to come in and get all violent with the guy who's about to cripple or kill you, would you? No, not you, certainly not. You'll just politely raise your clammy little hand and try to understand your attacker, you'll reason with him, because you firmly believe that peace grows. Right?

The hoax perpetrated by Daley and Weis on the weekend of April 4-6 was supposed to scare the bejesus out of the bad guys. The Sun-Times reported on April 2 that "Chicago Police Supt. Jody Weis has ordered his 25 district commanders to hit the streets on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights --and he plans to use helicopter patrols on weekends -- to curb an outbreak of violence targeting young and old."

Huh? Nice job, Daley and Weis. Two weeks after that sham operation, we had the bloodiest weekend in many people's memories. Nice job. You two are fucking geniuses. Absolute fucking geniuses.

CPD Superintendent Weis blamed an excess of guns and gangs. No, Supt. Weis. You're only half right. You're right about there being too many gangs. But there are not too many guns, sir, there are not nearly enough. Allow the law abiding citizenry to own guns legally and crime will go down. Wisconsin and Illinois are the only two of our 50 United States that do not have some kind of concealed carry allowed. And guess what, Mr. and Mrs. Liberal - concealed carry does not turn cities in the wild west. It actually reduces gun crime, and the reason is stupifyingly simple. 

If the bad guys know with 99.99% certainty that a home will not have a gun ready to defend it, they are a lot more likely to attempt to rob it. Duh. So, on the other side of the coin, if the same bad guys know there is a good chance that there may be a gun owner in the house, they will be much more reluctant to break in. Concealed carry actually reduced crime where it is implemented. Unfortunately, our weak-kneed Illinois State Legislature defeated concealed carry in 2006

As for the gun aspect of last weekend: Do I really need to point out that not all of the violence involved firearms? Remember, less than half of all violent incidents were actually reported to the media. Many of those reported, and those not reported, involved stabbing with pointed objects, mostly knives, bludgeoning with blunt instruments, and good old fashioned fisticuffs. People, if somebody is determined to hurt you they don't need gun. There are always options available. 

As of 3:15 this afternoon (4/22/08), Chicago police were still looking for a man suspected of killing a woman with a plastic bag on Friday, and kidnapping her three children. It's not certain that the bag killed her - an autopsy will be done. It seems fairly certain, however, that she was not shot. CPD should be allowed to kick serious ass and then ask questions, but only if they're still in the mood for conversation after administering a good whooping. And when they're done kicking the crap out of the ACLU lawyers, then they can put the bad guys away for more than a few hours at a time.