Monday, April 21, 2008

Crime Is Down (Not) In Chicago

The Sun-Times headline today: "37 shot in city over weekend" Now, you and I think this is awful. However, 49th Ward Alderman Joe Moore will probably say it's hysteria to report this. Will he write a nasty letter to the editors of the Sun-Times, whining about their overreaction this? Will Joe Moore see this posting as a conspiracy between "hate bloggers" and the Sun-Times? Will Joe Moore continue to tell his constituents that crime is waning in our fair city? Will Mayor Daley order his personal armed guards to disarm in order to set a good example for all the gangstas? In gang-related drive-bys, an attempted robbery and other flashes of violence, some 37 people were shot in Chicago over the weekend -- seven of them fatally. A 26-year-old was killed in his home, two teens on the same South Side street, another man as he sat in the office of his plumbing business. Last year, during the same 24-hour period in April, there were 19 shootings. FULL REPORT at Chicago Sun-Times...