I Hate to Say I Told You So...

... but I did, back on June 15, before the Artists of the Wall weekend. RPB showed photos of the wall, which had been poorly prepped for painters who paid their $30.

The photos shown here were taken today, just a couple of weeks after the event. Already, the wall is peeling.

Instead of sandblasting the wall as was done in some previous years, a bad coat of white paint was slathered over the badly peeling layers of accumulated paint.

Now, the peeling is starting all over again. The people who paid for the pleasure of painting the wall at Loyola Park Beach were, I maintain, ripped off.

The wall will be peeling pretty good in the near future. Will it last past January?

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  1. What a waste that the surface wasn't properly prepped before the event, so that all those painters spent the time and money and their work won't be appreciated for very long. A big raspberry to whoever made the decision not to sandblast the old peeling paint beforehand.


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