Hi again, Just wanted to request that you please remove my posting from your blog. I think my story is headed in a different direction now, as I've heard that one of my classmates had already started covering this issue. I'll need to touch base with her tomorrow. But in the meantime, if you could please remove my post so as not to cause confusion that would be much appreciated. Thanks again, Melisse PLEASE READ THE IMPORTANT MESSAGE FROM "MELISSE" BELOW!!! THE REACTION TO RPB'S POST yesterday about DevCorp North's betrayal of local artists is getting red hot. Interest outside of the community is now catching on, as the note to RPB below demonstrates. Journalism students up at Northwestern University are surely interested (see below). DevCorp North, charged with improving the business community in Rogers Park, hired two artists from the Bronzeville/Hyde Park area to do a mural on the CTA platform over Morse Avenue. DevCorp couldn't find artists right here in Rogers Park, a community know nationwide as one of the most artistic in the country? Absurd!!! From:"Melisse" To: Melisse has left a new comment on your post "DevCorp Hires Outside Artists to Paint Morse CTA Mural": I am a graduate journalism student at Northwestern working on a video piece about this mural and the decision to select artists from outside Rogers Park. I will be shooting all my footage this Thursday (morning and early afternoon). I'm looking to get in touch with an artist from the Rogers Park community who has a strong opinion about the fact that this project is being completed by artists who are not from Rogers Park. I need to get this side of the story, so if any of you know an artist from this community (or you are an artist in Rogers Park yourself) who would be willing to take part in a brief on-camera interview this Thursday morning or early afternoon, please e-mail me at I can give further details about where the piece will air, etc. when I hear from you. Thanks in advance for your help. Posted by Melisse to Rogers Park Bench at June 26, 2007 12:42:00 PM CDT


  1. i would not be surprised if the jurors who chose these artists had no idea where they were from. most of the time, they don't. they look for the best work. period. so they keep extraneous details out of the process.
    i am an artist living in rogers park, and i am glad they picked the best. if they picked someone who sucked, just because they were from RP, i'm sure you would carp about that.

  2. Dear been there:
    HuH? First, this seems to have been a no-bid deal by DevCorp. Second, for a firm such as DevCorp, whose mission is to improve Rogers Park business, to hire any contractor whose location is unknown is inexcusable. The mission is to promote local business; artists are in business to sell artwork. Are you saying that there are no artists in RP who couldn do a very simplistic mural like the one going up?

  3. have you checked with devcorp about this? art on cta property would be chosen through a rigorous judging process. it is unlikely that devcorp would have much to say about it.

  4. I do not care where the artist is from - most experience, best idea is the winner.


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