Artists Screwed at the Wall Festival, Rogers Park

2007 Artists Screwed at the Wall Festival 14th Annual Rogers Park Event June 16th & 17th Theme: “Crappy Paint Job"

Are you painting the cement bench at Loyola Beach Park? Did you pay $30.00 to paint over a nice fresh stretch of concrete? You did? The Loyola Park Advisory Council, LPAC took your money, but what are you getting in return?

You're getting a crappy, peeling, dirty wall on which to paint your artwork. You've been screwed, neighbor.

In years past, the wall has been sandblasted clean of layers of old paint. Not this year. RPB photographed the wall at 3:00 p.m. this afternoon. The wall was painted over in white paint, and a sloppy job it was, too. The wall has several layers of paint on it, and it is already peeling severely. If you thought you were going to get a clean slate to paint on this weekend, you are in for a rude surprise.

Thanks for nothing, LPAC!


  1. Tom, if you wrote that graffitti on the wall about being screwed, you should be arrested. I hope it's just another of your "photo illustrations" where you twist reality without telling your readers.

  2. RPNayboor,
    It was a manipulated photo; I did not actually write anything on the wall. But thanks for the compliment of thinking it looked real.

  3. Some of Tom's readers are intuitive enough to sense when he is joking or not. The more "literal-minded" among us just don't seem to get nuance very well.

  4. What?!

    You mean to tell me graffiti isn't art?


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