One Gained, More Lost

Yesterday we all welcomed Morse Avenue's newest business, the Common Cup coffee shop at 1501 W. Morse Avenue. They are a very welcome addition.
Sit in the comfy coffee shop a one of the tables shown here. Look out the window, east across the street. What will you see?

You will see the very recently closed La Tienda dollar store, where "all dollar items" were 89 cents. Perhaps that's why they went out of business. The point is, they are out of business, and the strip of empty store fronts between Washington Mutual and Common Cup is now nearly complete (at right). Looking west from the Morse Convenient Store one sees three empty storefronts.

Walk east to the middle of the block and you'll find more empty storefronts. One, a restaurant that had a very short life, is about to reopen as another restaurant. I've lost count how many restaurants have been in that location over the past few years.
But not to worry.
As Joe Moore said during his re-selection campaign, "new shops and restaurants are blossoming everywhere."
Everywhere? Sure!
Here we see "Lawn," one of the newest taverns on Morse Avenue. Welcome.


  1. This is a positive change to an area that is becoming more community-focused. In the past two days the Common Cup has had a tremendous grand opening. This Coffee shop is here to stay so maybe you should turn your negative comments into positive thinking.

  2. Stacey: I made no negative comments about Common Cup. None! What are referring to? As for the "grand opening," they have not had that yet and tell me they are still deciding on a date for it.


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