Double Shooting In Rogers Park, Neighborhood Walk Didn't Help

Guns were used. So were automobiles. This shows the urgent need to ban automobiles. Scumbags shooting at each other from speeding cars hit people enjoying the day at Pottawattomie Park. One boy hit in the arm, the other boy in critical condition at St. Francis Hospital in Evanston. Thank God we had that neighborhood walk on April 13 or the violence in this neighborhood would be even worse! Will another candle light vigil stop all future violence? Or maybe we need much tougher laws and fewer ACLU attorneys to keep putting bad guys back on da street? Some local-angle coverage at Broken Heart: * Shooting at Jordan School Twenty minutes after the shooting, multiple 911 calls came in regarding 20 or so youths involved in a major brawl at the Dominick's on Howard... inside source speculates this might be connected to the shooting. The Trib and Channel 7: 2 young people shot in Rogers Park Chicago Tribune - Two young people were shot Monday evening in Chicago's Rogers Park neighborhood when occupants of two vehicles exchanged gunfire near Pottawattomie Park, ... Two boys shot at North Side park - - The incident happened in Pottawattamie Park-- at Winchester and Fargo in the Rogers Park neighborhood. A lot of people were out in the park Monday night ...

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  1. i like Chris Rock's idea of... BULLET CONTROL

    All Bullets cost 5000.00


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