Breaking News: Joe Moore Moves for Summary Judgement

Sources tell RPB that Alderman Joe Moore (49th Ward, Chicago) and his legal team tried to have the election challenge and legal complaint brought by Don Gordon dismissed this morning. Moore's team wants a summary judgement. In RPB's estimation, it is unlikely that Moore's team will win today. This story is developing...


  1. So Joe doesn't want to learn the truth about alleged voter fraud in his ward? He wants the investigation to go away? He's actually paying attorneys to help put a stop to the investigation? He doesn't respect the allegations by members of his own ward?

    If Joe is so certain there was no voter fraud, why would he not let the court do its job so that the truth can be revealed for all to see?

    What is Joe afraid of?

  2. What's Joe afraid of??? Prison ....

    As for Tomas Westguard ...

    A small person with a big imagination ….
    Rogers Park’s premier liar.... and great comic relief too …..
    A known megalomaniac …..
    Soon to be disbarred ….

    Registering a website is not the same as "owning" a community environmental organization, and it certainly isn't the same as doing anything of value ....


    RPBooster (retired)

  3. This post and the above comment seem misinformed about what is going on in the court. A lawsuit, and especially this lawsuit, is not an "investigation." Gordon filed a three-count complaint, including a very weak "section 1983" federal civil rights claim. Since the case had a federal count, Moore "removed" the case to the federal court. Gordon then dropped the 1983 count like a hot potato, in order to get the case back in the Daley Center, where presumably his lawyer, former Daley machine election commissioner Mike Lavelle, has more clout.

    Problem $2 for Gordon: the assigned Judge, Bertucci, has reportedly previously sanctioned Lavelle more than once for filing frivolous election lawsuits. So Lavelle asked for a different judge.

    Gordon is not only suing Moore but the State Board of Elections, trying to have the time limits on aldermanic recounts declared unconstitutional. That part of Gordon's lawsuit is a stalling tactic but is a waste of time and will go nowhere.

    Both the State Board of Elections and Moore told the court they plan to move to dismiss the case. Odds are it will in fact be tossed out, because Gordon can't get the result overturned even if what he claims is true. Gordon claims about 250 voters in the election were "fraudulent and unqualified," but even if he could show that, those voters' ballots are secret. The court at most would probably take away 129 votes from Moore -- and 121 from Gordon. Moore would still win by plenty.

    So Gordon, through Lavelle, is asking the court to throw out more than half the vote in the entire ward, including thousands of innocent voters' votes, and including 1600 of his own voters' votes. Gordon wants the court to only count the precincts that Gordon won. Very democratic! That will never, ever happen.

    Moving to dismiss a case or have it decided summarily is not short-circuiting "an investigation." Moving to toss a case that shouldn't get to a judge or jury is, in fact, "letting the court do its job." It's what any person who has been sued does, to save everyone time and money, when a case doesn't even belong in court. This case has no future, and anyone trying to make it into some sort of crusade is gullible.

    There is no "investigation." There is a lawsuit, a civil case, by lawyers Gordon is paying (with whose money is a good question), to get Gordon a job he didn't win at the polls. The suggestion that Moore has no right to defend himself, and should just let a baseless case go to trial (after, presumably, lingering in the courts for months or years), can't be serious.

  4. That above comment misundertands the issue. This trial isn't calling for an investigation, it's calling for a judgment in flavor of the plaintiff. Joe is the defendant, obviously his lawyers are going to move for summary judgment.

    It's very common. VERY common.

  5. Five Oh:
    EVERY trial calls for an investigation. But what you refer to is NOT a trial, it is a HEARING.

  6. Fucking lawyers debating terminology and all claiming to be experts.

    The court will "look into" the facts of this case. The court will "review" the allegations of voter fraud.

    And the court will decide whether there has been fraudulent voting. Not you mopes.

    My point is that Joe doesn't want to facts to come out, whatever they might be.

    Given the vast number of people who have come forward to say they witnessed Joe and his people "not playing nice" on election day, why should this case not be heard?

    Why doesn't Joe simply let it play out? Let Gordon's people present their case. Let the judge decide.

  7. If Moore's sumamry judgement is denied, that is a minor victory for Gordon, which will mean that the judge means there is something worth looking into. Moore, like all leftists, believe he's beyond reproach, and genuinely believes Gordon's charges are baseless.


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