Thursday, November 6, 2008

Rahm Emanuel’s Dance Lesson

FLASHBACK: A fun post about Rahm Emanuel, Obama's pick for White House Chief of Staff. UPDATE: IN THE ORIGINAL POST (4/25/07) AT REVERSESPIN.COM, THERE WAS A LINK TO A SPEECH MADE BY RAHM EMANUEL. SINCE THEN, OBAMA'S PEOPLE HAVE SCRUBBED IT (AND A LOT OF OTHER INFO) FROM THE INTERNET. RELATED STORY, 11/11/08: Eugene Schulter: From Eminent Domain to Imminent Demise Schulter is running for Emanuel's 5th Congressional District seat. Wow, Reverse Spin gets a wide-brimmed hat tip for this 'un. "Rahm’s double pirouette" is a great post and a must read. Excerpts: Left-wing bloggers were all excited about an extraordinary speech today by Rahm Emanuel, the second ranking Democrat in the House [of Representatives]. I was excited too. It was a treasure trove of hypocrisy, even by Democratic standards. It’s difficult to even write this without laughing, but the pirouetting prince of dirty politics conjured up enough gall to deliver a 3,780-word lecture to President Bush on running an administration infused with too much politics. And evoking President John F. Kennedy is equally funny. Especially in a week when the top Democrat in the Senate said the war is lost and the top Democrat in the House refused to attend a briefing by our General in Iraq. JFK would have had nothing to do with this crew of Democrats. Here is how he felt about protecting our country... The Full Funny Piece... RELATED: Emanuel makes a point of airing peeve - John Kass, Chicago Tribune, 11/22/06