Gang Activity Will Magically Stop Tonight!

Have these people never visited reality? There will be a "rally and march against crime" and "against gang activity" tonight. What idiocy. What grand self delusion. What a grand way to feel good about yourself, to falsely feel that you are Doing Something. What a slick and risk-free way for Joe Moore to make it look like he's Doing Something. What a group of stupid self-congratulators. PEOPLE, THIS CRAP DOES NOT WORK. The gist of Moore's latest email message, put out yesterday, is just one more installment of his campaign against common sense: Come Rally and March Against Crime! Please join us tomorrow, Friday, April 13th at 6 p.m. for a rally and march against crime. We will meet at the intersection of Marshfield and Jonquil, near Gale Community Academy. Join your neighbors as we march against gang-activity and show our support for the Chicago Police Department. See what a neighborhood working together can do! I hope to see you there. Sincerely, Joe Moore "Show our support for the Chicago Police Department?" What a joke. How about showing your support by voting for politicians and judges who don't coddle criminals. Show your support by not tolerating lawmakers who pass laws that put murderers back on the street after a few years in prison. Show your support in meaningful, thoughtful, substantial ways. Let me be rudely blunt here: The police don't give a rat's ass about your pitiful march. Sure, some of the police brass will give it lip service. It's the polite thing to do. But do you truly think that the police officers who risk their lives on the streets, or when you call 911 really give a flying hockey puck about a stroll around the neighborhood? About a feel-good social event? If you do, you are sadly mistaken. Moore hopes that you are a gullible fool. Look, there is nothing wrong with neighbors getting together and taking a walk. But it is completely insane to believe that the gangs will see this and decide that they will stop their gangsta ways. Some critical thinking would be helpful here: Do you really suppose that gang members (or any other criminals) will sympathize with the marchers? Do you seriously think the march will actually change anything? If marches are an effective crime fighting tool, why don't we have one like, oh I dunno, once a week? Boy, imagine how low crime would be if we had a weekly March Against Crime! Holy mackerel, those criminals'd be scared outa their minds! Don't you think? Marches can achieve things, of course. Sherman's march to Atlanta, for example. But a bunch of neighbors strolling through the hood will change nothing. The gangsters will be laughing at them. This effort is as silly as another, much larger march that took place on October 21, 1967. On that day, approximately 50,000 screwballs marched to the Pentagon. Why? Well, to end the war in Viet Nam. How did they plan to end the war? Why, by levitating the Pentagon, of course. What better strategy than to make the Pentagon magically float off the ground. Here's a brief account of that great moment in history: "After the speeches, about 50,000 people set off for the Pentagon. It took them about an hour and a half to walk two miles across the Memorial Bridge and down a service road to the north parking lot where a second rally was scheduled. At the other end a group of hippies was trying to exorcize the Pentagon. The brainchild of Abbie Hoffman, the plan was for people to sing and chant until it levitated and turned orange, driving out the evil spirits and ending the war in Viet Nam. The Pentagon didn't move." Full Article...

Think of the Pentagon this evening as you "march" around the neighborhood. Be very proud of yourself for levitating Rogers Park. Rest easier tonight knowing that the crime rate will drop because you marched against criminals. More self-delusion from DevCorp

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