Cheney In Chicago? Attention Secret Service!

The Vice President is in Chicago today. Does the Secret Service fully understand the danger he is in? Do they know that the 49th Ward is full of wannabe assassins? It is not unusual, here in the Democratic Socialist Republic of Robers Park, to hear people openly utter their desire to kill Vice President Cheney or President Bush. Seriously. I am frequently amazed at how brazenly seemingly sane people will express their desire to kill Mr. Bush and/or Mr. Cheney. One phrase that is frequently hissed in Rogers Park is, "If I were alone in a room with Cheney or Bush and I had a loaded gun..." So, welcome to Chicago, Secret Service. Just watch your back, please. April 13, 2007 (CHICAGO) - Vice President Dick Cheney is scheduled to be in Illinois today where he'll speak at the Heritage Foundation's Annual Leadership Conference at the Ritz Carlton in Chicago. Full Story at ABC7 Chicago...

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