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February 28, 2007

Three Columns Through the Gates of Hell

Years later, Don Gordon would write a book
Sincere congratulations to Don Gordon and his campaign. Gordon will face incumbent alderman Joe Moore in a run-off election in April. This is a nice consolation prize for supporters of fellow Moore challengers Jim Ginderske and Chris Adams.

Allow me to make a metaphor. Adams, Ginderske and Gordon were generals in an army of three columns. The generals feuded, but all three had a common enemy: Joe Moore and the corrupt Machine that backs him. The generals were attacking Moore; each general had his own strategy and tactics. Each general knew that only one of them would get through the gates of the Evil Prince Joe, and that general was Don Gordon. But the Prince of Darkness, Joe Moore, has repelled General Gordon for the moment.

Nevertheless, the prince's gates have been smashed, a mortal wound inflicted. Now is the time for the legions of the other two columns - those following Adams and Ginderske - to fall in behind General Gordon as he leads one more final charge against the castle.

I was in the Ginderske column. The column survives, as does the Adams column. Let us not forget our objective: Taking the castle back from Joe Moore. Together, we can be three columns as one army marching throught the Gates of Hell. Farewell, Prince of Darkness.

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