February 27, 2007

Ending the Occupation

RPB prediction: Joe Moore, incumbent Alderman and known violator of campaing law, will face a run-off elelction in April after getting less than 50% of the votes cast in today's election.

The run-off will be between Moore and either Democrat Jim Ginderske or fellow challenger Don Gordon. While it is no secret that I support Mr. Ginderske, at this point I would be foolish to say which of the two men will face off against Moore. Both have run strong campaigns. Both are to be congratulated.

Time will tell, and time is now very short. The long wait for a Free 49th Ward and the end to the Moore Occupation may finally become reality. The ward has waited 16 years. Ginderske or Gordon, either way we will be better off without the corrupt, time wasting, heavy handed Joe Moore. May God Help Us All.

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