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"[Chicago News Bench] opines on Rogers Park and the 49th Ward in his fiery blog, His mix of cynicism and skepticism targets public figures such as Mayor Daley and Alderman Joe Moore." ~ The List: The best the Web has to offer Chicago, Chicago Magazine, Feb 2008

"Great example of hyperlocal news coverage" ~ Mark Josephson, CEO,

"The Bench is a terrific blog, covering issues from the national to the regional and very local (Rogers Park), and is a thumping good read." ~ Chicago Bungalow

February 27, 2007

UPDATED: Dow Jones finishes 400 points off

From the Chicago Tribune: Stocks plunged Tuesday after a selloff in China and a weak economic report in the U.S. scared risk-taking investment optimists around the world.The Dow Jones industrial average sank 416.02 points, to 12,216.24, the seventh-largest one-day point drop ever.... Full Story...

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