Thursday, December 20, 2012

In Cunning Stunt, Egypt's Naked Blogger Aliaa Magda Elmahdy Joins Femen to Protest Sharia and Morsi's Constitution

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Aliaa Magda al-Mahdy joined Femen. Photo: Femen
Dec. 20, 2012 - "Egyptian activist Aliaa al-Mahdy chose Sweden for her latest feminist protest as she bared all outside her country's embassy in Stockholm despite sub-zero temperatures," reports The Local (of Sweden) today.

ADVISORY: Some material is anti-religion, and links here may lead to images of unclothed women.

"Al-Mahdy," says The Local, "who as part of the feminist network Femen has employed nudity as a shock tactic before, wanted to protest the new Egyptian constitution that was voted through on Saturday. A second referendum on the document is scheduled for Friday, but it is widely expected to be adopted."

Ukrainian activist Inna Shevchenko (L) and Femen
demonstrate near the Egyptian embassy in Paris,
December 15, 2012, to show solidarity with
Egyptian blogger Aliaa Magda Elmahdy.
Photo: Reuters via
Egyptian Islamists plan to stage a mass protest in Alexandria on Friday, Dec. 21 "in a move likely to raise tensions on the eve of a divisive referendum that will determine the political future of the Arab world's biggest nation," reports Reuters.

The famed naked Egyptian blogger Aliaa Magda al-Mahdy (or Elmahdy), 21, joined Ukrainian activist Inna Shevchenko and other members of human rights group Femen on Dec. 15 to hold a nude demonstration against the planned Egyptian constitution. Elmahdy has a Facebook page, of course, but there's not much going on there. She has not posted much at all, and guys going there to find hot photos will be disappointed.

Femen's Facebook page says that "International women's movement FEMEN and antiislamist Egyptian activist Alia al-Mahdi have called to say NO to Sharia constitution in Egypt!"

Unfortunately, it looks as though the referendum on Egypt’s new draft constitution will go as President Morsi wants it to go. That means implementation of sharia law and a restriction of human rights. The "Arab Spring" just keeps getting frostier.