Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Spare Change

"Change!" is the mindless mantra of so many voters these days. Here in Chicago, we've been locked in under the shackles of the Democrats for so many decades nobody can truly remember what a Republican alderman or mayor was like. So for a city that has only know Democrat Party rule, the logical end to the mantra call for Change! is to vote for something non-Democrat. Like, you know, a candidate of the Green Party or Republican Party for example. A fine report from ace reporter Lorraine Swanson, taken from the last and final issue of the News-Star tells about non-Democrat candidates around Chicago: GOP ward committeeman races begin to simmer January 30, 2008 By LORRAINE SWANSON Staff Writer Like pork, the other white meat, Chicago Republicans are mounting their own committeeman races in wards where Republican candidates often take a back seat to neighborhood marquee-name Democrats. FULL STORY...

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  1. I hope the classical liberal guy wins. If traditional conservatives doesn't work in American cities I think classical liberals would. Hmm this should give a lot of people some ideas. Great article I know where this is going.